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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ Raya holiday. ♕

Oops, sorry for neglecting this space for few days. I'm such a lazy pig to update my blog now.

So.....let's have a full update of what REALLY happened this Raya holiday.
Anyway, before i start, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims :D

Oh..before that, here's few pictures from the outing with 'them' last Saturday. 

Done! There are more but i'm too lazy to change the effect and upload them =P

Last Sunday(28/8/11)
Went to Merdeka Mall to watch 'Rise of the planet of the Apes' with my second sister, Vivien :D. It was an awesome movie, highly recommended for those who haven't watch(again :P).

five stars! :D

I wanna drink this now T^T~~

Bored? :/

Eating her beef stew. Always beef stew. A loyal beef stew customer. lol.

Monday. (29/8/11)
Wee! Footdrill training for Annual Parade started~ it's so ........ that i don't know what to say. Anyway, we still train :)

During lunch time, we walked to Chung Hua there to have our lunch :) 

Along our journey, we found a.....monitor lizard? *i guess*. It was soooooo huge in size! Too bad it's DEAD.

After eating, we went back to school.. 

Trying to get the water without a bottle?

Hahahaha trying to 'bomb' his barbie 'bomb'


Yeah, one hour later, it became like this. Poor you. Omitofo.

Everyone was tired like pig...

Tuesday. (30/8/11)
Selamat hari raya! xx went to foot drill training for half day only. I think mine not even until halfday already go home bath.. :| Went visitings with family~ It was a great day^^.

My lovely baby niece, Nana~

Taken at the headmistress of Kolej's house. =/ She kept calling me her 'anak' because i'm almost a collegian, but too bad.. :|

My cousin, Makiyo Jong~

My sisters. BANANANANA.

*shakes head* so young, already play touchscreen phone.

One day, when the sky is falling...i'll be laughing right next to you...

Arab rice!! Damn delicious and spicy. I miss it already T^T.

ohh. the two 'ang mo's. They're so damn cute.. the little girl in purple dress is called Kiara. I don't know what is her sister's name, i guess it's Diara or Diana or whatever start with D. =>

Me likey.

green wine. Hahahaha.

After visiting, went to the Beach with my family, my mother's friends and the ang mo(s)! -too bad no picture taken with them-

Written by me :)

Done by Yvonne..


roy! :D

Wednesday (31/8/11)
Happy Independence Day!!! -well i don't think anyone cares buwahahhahaa-. Went visiting too.
nanananana ;D

Lame anot? only two on a big plate. hahaha.


It's September already! How fast time flies~ Happy birthday to my second 'dry' mother, Chin Soon Fatt!! He's she's sweet fixty-six sixteen now! Who knows he's not sweet but sour sixteen? Hahaha just kidding. Don't be mad incase you're reading this. You need to expand your gas, don't be small gas anymore!! :P Hope you had a blast today! I want to apologize for not joining you, (Tiong) appa and Lim at MM today to watch the 'Smurfs'. I really wanted to join you guys but i can't neglect footdrill training too! I'm sure there will be a next time right? ^^ Hope you'd have a safe vacation to KL and Hongkong and China -forgot where you told me- this Saturday. You won't be in Miri for two weeks, hahaha, too bad you won't be able to join us in footdrill training and flagsale. Anyway, have fun and take care!!! Happy birthday! :D

Attended foot drill training today. It was awesome, fun yet tiring. :|

Lunch time! Walked to Tanjung Seafood Restaurant :D
cola cola cola <3

My fried kuay teow. Six people on our table ordered kuay teow. And they served it so damn slow. /.\

Kinda lazy to continue writing already, so yeah, i'm gonna end my post here. 
Goodbye! :)


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