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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ Smurfing awesome ♕

''Don't miss up something that may come only once in a blue moon in life'' - Smurfs. 

Today, went out with Jackie, King Lin, Ke Jing, Jessica, Mor, Sze Wei and Khin Seng to watch 'The Smurfs'!

I smurf this movie. 5/5 for it! Wouldn't mind to watch it for the second time. 

Reached Merdeka Mall around 11.45am. I rushed there because Jessica messaged me that the movie starts at 11.45am. I was blow drying my hair when she messaged me. -.- So, everything was rushed. When reached there, only Mor and me were there. Then waited for the rest to arrive. After they arrive, went to buy me and Mor's ticket. We bought the 11.45am one, then later found out that the others actually bought the one that start at 1.30pm. Then me and Mor was like 'what the heck?' and we quickly went to change our ticket. Hahaha luckily we were allowed to change or else, RM8, phiuuu away just like that~

After buying ticket, as usual, went to arcade to play. Of course, the goodass me did not play. 

After playing, went to the food court because KingLin wanted to eat. The rest of us bought pearl milk tea from Quickly and sat at the food court there.

Talk talk talk for a while, then they went back to arcade to play for the last time before the movie start.
Hehehe. The movie lasted for an hour. I wore jacket and long jeans today, but i'm still cold like heck inside the cinema. Watched halfway, went to the toilet because I needed to pee. Damn it because i missed some interesting parts.
'The Smurfs' was so funny. I loooveeeeee it. Mor was laughing the whole time. And I don't know what's she laughing at. She find almost everything funny and cute. 

After watching, the boys went to arcade again..but Jessica, Mor and I went other place. Then the boys came to find us because they needed Mor in their arcade game. =P Went back to arcade AGAIN, Jessica and I were totally bored because we weren't interested in arcade games xD. We left arcade and we walked here and there, damn, Merdeka Mall is so big yet there's so little shops. ;~; got really bored that time. Then meet up with Mor and KeJing as they were already done with their arcade games..The boys went to Cyber Cafe to play their 'game', so yeah.. 

Got hungry, so went to SugarBun to eat...

This... plus cola = RM9.20.
*pokai face*

After eating, went to sit at the food court and waited for the time to fly. 
Boring boring boring.
Tick tock tick tock tick tock.
Mor went back home.
Chit-chatted with Jessica and Kejing.
After that, I went back home. :/

Conclusion is, it is a great and awesome dayyy! School is starting soon and I haven't finish my Geography project. Not to forget, i haven't started doing my Sejarah homework. Procrastinating right now...haha.

okay, have nothing to post already. bye! sorry because my English kinda sucked in this post.

Even if our love is frozen like a branch in the cold winter, i'll try to melt it again...

lalalalalala! the annoying song in 'The Smurfs'. =x
Friday, September 2, 2011 @ 9:28 PM
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