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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ Barbeque party ♕

Hello readers! Sorry for not updating these few days! My line went haywire last few days and it's working perfectly fine now! Today, went to a beach somewhere near Bekenu for barbeque with my family, my mother's friends and of course my best best best best best to the best best best best friend, Alicia! Had a reunion with her after 6 months! :D

The journey to there did not take more than 1 hour...hmmm.
Let the pictures do the talking yeah! 

Reached Uncle Francis's house.. Talked and talked.

So cute hor?

Had a hard time walking on this road. :( Almost slipped for so many times! Since the road is like this, the car cannot go down.. so we had to stop up there and carried ALL the things down. There were so many things to be carried......

I like this picture..hehe.

Beautiful right?


Setting up the tent. I know how to set up a tent now......yay me!

Daniel! (Danella, actually). She's so cute and hyperactive.. NEVER mess with her i tell you..haha. She will revenge twice harder.

Barbequequeque! Delicious fooood....mm/

Wonder why she don't feel itchy with all those sand all over HER body? :/

Little mermaid..haha.

My favourite of the day! Lamb <3. Bought by Alicia's father..=P

Delicious chicken wing..yummmy. 

Food food food!

My plate. 

Alicia's plate. She eat so little and yet she's heavier than me now. What on earth?!

Again..my favourite <3

The cave!! 

Building our own sandcastle~

Me and Alicia's sandcastle. Which always got destroyed by McDonald and Daniel. Muwahahah actually Alicia were the one who started destroying their castle..boo you Alicia ketupat!

Inside the tent.

Hahaha boo you ketupat ahjusshi.

Kiana~ She's so supa dupa dupa cute n.n


She's stalking me TT.TT


Caught by Danella! :D I caught two crabs too.. =x

Chickin! What would Onew do if he saw them...

They are so good in building sandcastle... but me? total FAIL. 

Inside the cave. =]


On the another side of the beach...at first, it was seriously hard to get there.. The water was so deep until our knee. After a few times of walking inside the water, I got used to it..muahahaha! I even got chased by Danella and Madelina(McDonald)..they were like crocodiles. And they are seriously fearless...nothing can fear them like seriously,lol.

You see the tent there?

Beautiful beach~

Brownish sea water ;_;

There's this funny part where I wanted to wash my foot and slippers in the water, but when I put my leg into it, i immediately sinked in since the water was so deep and when I tried to my get leg out, my slipper dropped inside the water! Tried to get my slipper back with a long stick but still failed. Then Ah Long(or Ah Lung? idk) helped me to find my slippers.. ha ha seriously slippers that don't float. -_- He couldn't find it too..then Brandon came to help..and he found it! So, yeah..thank you thank you! Haha or else i'd go home bare foot.. :p

We were stucked there for 10 hours, seriously 10 HOURS!! Cleaned up, packed things and went back to Uncle Francis's house. Before we go back, Alicia and I picked some weird stuffs to be brought home..as 'souvenir'. A pine, a fruit and a 7-leaves-blabla. Here's the sad part..had to part with Alicia..whoohuu =[ wonder when will i be able to see her again? I hope soon! I will never ever forget this day which is filled with sweet, bitter and unforgettable memories..! Blogging about this BBQ party makes me want to go back there again..but i definitely don't want to carry all those heavy stuffs again, LOL.


Up there. 

My sakai sisters.. jkjk.

HO!! She's eating a banana.

McDonald! (Madelina) <3 I'm gonna miss her! :D

Two little brats that kept calling me Carrot.. carrot ahjumma! It's okay since alicia have a name too, which is Ketupat Ahjusshi! Hahaha! xD 

We ate again, at Uncle Francis's house.. too bad Alicia went home already. 
I went to change my attire at the no-door-toilet. Seriously, i'm even taller than the toilet. LOL. And you know what? The toilet smells :(. Can't be blamed because the workers that worked there used the toilet...I'm still grateful that the toiletbowl is clean. LOL :B first time ever in my life i've peed in a no-door-toilet. And it's my first time having a BBQ at a beach like this, for 10 hours! And the way they bbq is so like kampung style..

I'm gonna miss all these awesome people, and of course the place!
Saturday, September 17, 2011 @ 10:55 PM
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