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→ Exam's over♔ ♕

WARNING : This is going to be a long post. Read it or not, your choice.

Exam is over. Hooray. Now it's time for holidays! But holidays are boring too though -,-. Whatever, at least I can spend some time for my kpop idols now :D Well, let's talk about my exam first.

First day of exam, well, we had Malay paper 1&2 and History :D. Well, paper 1 wasn't really that okay, since i shoot-ed some of the answers with my machine gun. What to do? I didn't revise for Malay. And I never will. HAHAHA. Paper 2, was quite okay for me. Hope i did well! Maybe paper 2 will help me to score an A :D. For section A in paper 2, i rewrite again. Then section C, i suddenly ran out of idea, then went to write a new story. See, I wasted my time. But still, i managed to finish all of them :D. I still have 20minutes like that left for me to sleep. LOL. Okay, then History, welll, i'm happy that history loved me :). I studied so much for bab 5, and only 5 questions from that bab came out?? lol. Have to admit i shoot-ed some questions. I wasn't so sure of the answer. ._.

Second day, we had English paper 2 first, then Sivik, then English paper 1, then Moral. Paper 2 was quite okay....i think. Except for Section A. Because i didn't use ALL the notes given. AH, there, i lost few marks. Hope mdm Su really won't cut my marks! *finger crossed*. Sivik, shoot! Use common sense only :). *even though i did read the textbook*. Then, english paper 1. Ah, i'm not sure of my answers. Those idioms and phrases... urgh.. made me dizzy. Haha. Hope i can score high marks in that paper too :D or else i'll be disappointed like hell. :x . Then moral... uh~ quite okay too. But some values that we haven't learn came out in the exam -_-. So, shoot only. HAHA. Happy because my meaning for the peribahasa given was correct! I'm glad i read the workbook. HAHA. =) 

Third day, we had PJK, Science paper 2 f, then Science paper 1, then KHB. PJK was a bitch since i didn't study for it. LOL the only questions i knew were the ones about Lee Chong wei and Nicol David. lol.  Science paper 1 & 2 were okayyyyy! Totally okay. Since i know how many wrong i got for paper 1 (3 wrong only, i guess >.<) .. and paper 2.. My calculations were right! Thanks God i checked again and again. At first, my calculations were wrong. ALL WRONG. Haha but now i'm happy that i changed my answer. :) Some answers in paper 2 i wasn't so sure...but i think i did quite well~ AH! for KHB! It was quite TOUGH.  I don't understand how some of my classmates that didn't revise said it was easy. I studied for few hours and all i can say it was hard. But now i'm not worried anymore, because STILL, i scored an A! :D 48/60! 12 wrongs! I deproved! Last summative i got 51/60 :(~ lol. nevermind. Kill Michelle cause she got 50/60 this time. She's such a genius wtf. I can bet she will get top 1 this summative. And if she does, i'll get my RM1 back. HOOOORAY MICHELLE! :P

THE LAST DAY, we had Maths paper 1 and paper 2, then Geography. Uh. Paper 1 was easy, mm, got 1 or 2 questions i didn't know how to do. Paper 2, i screwed them up. SHIT man. I checked over and over again, how could i make such silly mistakes?! My calculations were right, my working was right, BUT I wrote down the WRONG whole number! What on earth!!! :( My 1 marks, gone just like that. And one more question. Okay i wont blame myself for that question cause i really don't know how to do. Uhh i really sucks at maths now. T_T stupid stupid me! For geography, it wasn't easy. HARD. I shoot-ed alot, i mean, really ALOT! I only know the basics one only :( shiiit T.T~ I'm gonna fail my geography. hurhur. and thats all, NO MORE EXAM! 
Then, we had class cleaning. Stupid beehive teacher, left me and chan mae doing all the chores. WE cleaned the whole class by ourself! Shit. They should be thankful that we weren't asked to go back class to clean our class again like 2Achiever. HAHA. Whateverrrrr. :D At that matters is exam is OVER~

My life is half complete now, SHINee's Replay japanese version MV and BEAST's Bad Girl japanese version MV were released yesterday. Dang, SHINee boys look so awesome and hawtt. ALL OF THEM! Jonghyun look hawt as usual, Key too, and don't forget, Taemin the maknae, who transformed and improved so much :D Proud of these boys' achievements. Hehe. Watch their Replay japan version MV!

Then, BEAST! Haha, they're so perfectttt. Watch the video yourself :)

Oh yeah, don't forget too, rest in peace, former member of SG Wannabe, Chae Dong Ha. May this beautiful man rest in peace ;). He commited suicide by hanging himself at his house yesterday. Because of what? I don't know. Depressions? Stress? According to allkpop. :(! He is in a better place now. Guys, take care of people around you. :)

Uhhhhh I was planning to upload few pictures from past few months, last month, or even last year, or recently. But blogger is bitching me right now so it doesnt let me to upload photos. lol WHY?! the picture above can, now can't. such a bitch. bye =)

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