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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ 不能握的手從此匿名的朋友. ♕

Hi~ Here to update again. Hehe. It's Saturday. Been mapling for four days. Don't know why, i suddenly go back to maple. It has been like almost 10 months i didn't maple already eh? Last time i always go maple just for Horntail. I was so sick of the horntail life. Now there's no more horntail for me already..huhu. To be honest, i kinda miss the old maple life. Now, there's only me. Not fun at all. I miss Horntail too. Awww remember how much people praise me for being so brave to go horntail when i'm only 11 years old? Haha that was last year. People last time always call me 'pro' because i'm only 11yrs old and i have the gut to go horntail using my daddy's account. Hahahaha. Kinda miss that kind of compliments. But....look. now what happened? :( People took away our godly equips, shadower's eq gone, viper's eq and money gone, bishop's money gone, bowmaster's eq and money gone. Everything godly gone. Even mesos. 
I'm so lost now. Who to trust? Who to not trust? People who knows the account all say they didn't took it. It is really, hacker the one who took it? I ponder to myself. So wasted that those equips and money are gone. 
Everyone's effort are all gone. Even my effort. My effort to go to horntail. You know, going to horntail can earn how much?....but now people says that Horntail are getting easy and easier. Can say, prices dropped too? Sigh...life is getting more complicated. 
Anyway.. in these 4 days.. I trained an Evan. Sorta like a magician but :D Evan has a dragon around us. 
I'm now level 38. Currently leeching in MC. Not doing anything.....>< freedom!

   Stupid people who just joined back Maple.

It's nice to see how Henesys is now back active again. Last time, Henesys was full of slackers. Then don't know why not long later, no more. But now there's a lot slackers there le. Kinda give me back the feeling of  old maple life. The time when Henesys was full of slackers was probably around 3 years ago.

That's me.. with my noob damage. FOR A LEVEL 38 EVAN. XD

And you know what? I found Jonghyun in maple! LOL
Yea.. ForeverJjong. I simply shot this picture xD. Haha.
F.Y.I , Jjong stands for Jonghyun. Wow.. i never knew Jonghyun plays MapleSEA too. /smirks
Must stalk him every day. 8D

K..goodbye <3
you might want a kiss from Thunder!
no. that kiss is for me.
just kidding (:

And..i have a new task to do everyday which is..
Saturday, November 6, 2010 @ 6:50 PM
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