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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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I will never abandon SHINee (:

My second post of the day. Well please don't mind because my previous post was posted in the midnight. 
Today is Sunday, which means tomorrow is Monday. Why Monday comes so fast? I hate going to school now. But there's only few weeks left before i separate with my fellow friends. I'm so afraid of knowing my semester 2 result, idk why. The damn UPSR is over, and i just don't know why i keep on aiming to get A. 
Whether i score A or not, it doesn't matter. As long as i  tried my best, i'm alright. but i'm never alright~ I'm disappointed when my friends get higher marks than me T_T or maybe i didn't scored A like that.

Dongho and Kevin. :)

I'm currently watching Dongho's Raising Idol. Kyaa. I just don't know which one to watch. Dongho or Thunder one? I watched Key one already.. hehe. I think i'll watch Dongho one first then i'll go with Thunder one^^. Key, Dongho and Thunder, they are all my bias! 
- Dongho is so freaking funny and cute in Raising Idol. He's English was like lmfao. He act like a kid too.. lol, how can you don't love him? Haha. I'm now watching episode 3. I'll stop at episode 3 today and continues tomorrow. I'm deciding to continue watching Jokwon and GaIn's We Got Married after i finished with Dongho & Thunder's Raising Idol :D Wow i really have too much entertainment shows to watch. :3 I haven't finish with Yunhanam yet! I don't think i will finish watching it.. because i think watching Yunhanam will make me sad :( Seeing SHINee boys especially Jonghyun dating with the noonas, duh~ 

I watched Inkigayo live streaming just now.. What a nice streaming today. Didn't lag that much for me, but..didn't enjoyed it though :( . The streaming died on me when SHINee's performance was about to end. What else can i say? They have 10k viewers, 10k viewers!! Probably because today is Halloween day:) and there's a special stage too, which includes Taemin, Gikwang, Wooyoung,Chansung and Minji. 

SHINee's Hello performance on Inkigayo 101031 (: 
It's their goodbye stage today, goodbye, my beloved SHINee boys. 
I will forever wait for you to come back (:
I really wants to see all of you dancing Hello on the stage.. ):
All of you seems to be more happy today, especially Key.
Key, smile more. Lockets love you.
Jonghyun too, be strong~ I know you are forced to fake a smile, please don't do any 90 degree bow anymore alright? You are not at fault. Antis and ex-blingers are the one at fault. You have the right to pursuit your happiness (: .. 

BEAST 's SOOM performance on Inkigayo 101031.
Today is also their goodbye stage. Why, both of my favourite group is saying goodbye together? I'll surely miss their awesome dance moves :(  Yoseob's voice cracked a bit when he sang his long notes. It's alright, everyone make mistakes. Don't pull yourself too hard, Yoseob~! 
Everyone look so super extra hot today. Really, i mean it. Even Hyunseung looks hot today :) 
How can i don't love BEAST? <3 They're too awesome just like SHINee.
I don't understand why people says that SHINee is overrated. ><

I end this post with pictures, 

Sunday, October 31, 2010 @ 4:51 PM
Allison Alexandra Debbie Esther Leh Hui May Yeo Romance Shereena Shirley Singyee SJRC Tatiana Tiffany VincentHoo Vivien Yasmin Yee Sii Yvonne Hii Yvonne Vonn Zishan