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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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The smile you plastered your face. I wonder if you're really happy..

Hi. I'm back. Exam is over. Yeah bye Semester 2. Will you guys get mad if i say that i messed up some of my papers? I just don't know... my brain is so rusty now. Probably because UPSR is over and we don't do any extra worksheets anymore.  Ah whatever. Don't want to mention bout exam anymore .___. . Isn't it just UNFAIR when your classmates cheat in exam and the teacher don't even know? Is it fair that they get higher marks than those who tried so hard to get high marks? It's just plain unfair but i can't do anything. I shouldn't mind other people's matter, i know i know. I memorized 3/4 of the notes, but 1/4 of what i memorized came out in the exam. Why didn't anyone told me that earlier topics that we learnt are coming out in the exam? Teacher didn't tell us. She just ask us to memorize what she give. & why did the teacher set the questions that hard? Not even a clue. -.- K get over it. 

Now Jonghyun has a girlfriend.. Let's just say that JongKey is over. Yes, i'm a hardcore Jongkey shipper. I ship them like nobody knows. IDC if you says that i'm just plain stupid to think that Jongkey does exist. Who cares if you say that Jongkey is just a fan service? I ship Jongkey more than Jongkyung. I will never ship Jongkyung. But i'm not hating on Sekyung, OK!~

Shin Se Kyung. She's really pretty, i admit. She's freaking lucky to date with Jonghyun.
I know, Jonghyun always mention her as his ideal type of woman, especially in Hello Baby.
I'm happy for you Jonghyun, i really am. I'm happy now because you finally gets your ideal type of woman. I would want to protect your happiness with the woman you chose. But can you spare me a few days of grief? Because even if i say that I'm happy for you, I can't stop the feeling of sadness and loneliness that is consuming me. I feel that i've lost something very special inside me. One day, for sure, i will be able to say this out with  a smile on my face. I'll for sure be able to say, "Congratulations, Jonghyun.. be happy, last long with Sekyung" from the bottom of my heart. 
What if one day, you left SHINee for Sekyung? You can't! You're the face of SHINee. And eversince you date with Sekyung, you are so glued to your Blackberry. Do you still care about other members? Especially Key. Can't you see the sadness on his face? :( Those rumors going on about you and SHINee are making me  think..
--- & i also know,
that it's your life. You're an idol,  you're also a human too. You have your own personal life..
You're not going to stay single forever just for the fans, we all know. You're not going to date every single blinger, of course we all know. 
As long you are happy, i am happy. No matter what happens, even if the sky falls, I will forever stay as a BLINGER+SHAWOL.
Kim Jonghyun FIGHTING :] . Sekyung FIGHTING. Key umma FIGHTING :] .

But secretly, i wish that Jongkyung's relationship was just a prank by SME.


I can't forget you, i can't erase you, another day passes by.
It hurts like a habit, it hurts more today, no no no no.
My heart that's been trying to forget becomes weaker.
I can't live, i can't live, my heart is filled with love pain.
All you give is the scar of not being able to have you.
You're my love pain..

Where is Jongkey when you need them?
A day without Jongkey is like a day without rain ): 
Sunday, October 31, 2010 @ 1:24 AM
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