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Jonghyun selca-ing. ;P

HI . I know you missed my post didn't you?
This few days didn't had the times to update my blog because of works given by my teacher~ It's finally weekend so i'll update nah ^^.
Really, Pasca upsr 2010 suck. Now everything that matters to  SCHOOL is money,money,money. We want some visiting, but i guess the problem is always about MONEY.
Whenever they have any activities, they give lame reasons to ask us to donate some money. Even small activities. Not kidding.
In their face, in headmistress's face, the important thing is MONEY. Then, what about us year 6 students? Its out last year studying in this school.
Is that so hard, to have more fun activities rather than those lame&boring games example futsal, poco-poco dance, whatever ratu & raja , and wat thingy senaman. 
I'm not involved in any of them and i'm seriously grateful.
I don't want to waste my time doing those activites -___- . 
2007 is the best year ever for primary 6. Know why? Got fashion show, singing, bands like that.
No more now. Yup. Starting from 2008, no more these type of games/competitions.
FUTSAL? 6c lost, so, not fun at all. 
It's just a GAME and i will never understand why other classes fought just because of WHO won, who lost. Duh, somemore still 'i don't friend you , i friend you you don't friend me ' that type of things . How old already? -.-
For me, i support 6C only. I cheered for 6D this morning because i don't want 6B to win.
OH, my wish did came true. 6D won. ;) Yes, congratulations to them.
6C is so pitiful. Even after upsr, still have to do things. There's no difference between before upsr & after upsr. 
Nah, there's a little difference which IS .. we don't have to do that much already.
Hah! I got used to this type of life already.. still, i wish our teacher will at least hold some party/activies for 6C , only us. Ah, for sure after Sememster test one.
Everytime we ask teacher to organize any games, they'll give reasons saying that we still have to sit for another test. Okay, i accept that reason because its true.
But, at least lar let us release our stressssss! Who told us to 'bergaul' with everyone before we separate ? - Teacher.
Everyday work work work, how to communicate? Haha expect me to do that? no way.

oh, can say today is a good day. At school was so fun. ;) Chung Hua had Children's Day today, Jonathan & others were crazy shouting at the girls.. especially at the girl with pink shirt. Cannot describe how 'hiao' that girl is! She notices us but she just stand there & act act! HAHAHA. Okay, that girl belongs to Stanley. Jonathan&Gallacher couldn't stop shouting 'AMOIII CANTIK!! CHAN YII CHUNG SUKA KAMU!!! ' . 
Lol.. my words of the day ; ' so natural / so sexy / green colour / eeeee! green colour! / go green oo / so curvy ! ' 
So natural& sexy suits Kelvin(sister) perfectly ;) !! HAHA. 
K. i'm done with my day. 
Now let's move on to....

Gumiho means A nine-tailed fox. Search google if don't know. LOL.
Lee Seunggi & Shin Min Ah ^^

Description : A fantasy melodrama about an immature man who meets a fox with nine tails and falls in love.

Hah! This drama is so funny & cute. Not to forget, scary. 
The first episode is like..so funny..;) . 
Let me post some pictures that i screepcap-ed from the first episode. HAHA.
I added the text on the pic. Actually this part scared the head out of me. i was just like Seunggi's reaction. Believe or not, i scrolled down so that i can't see the gumiho's face and read the subtitle only. DUMB RIGHT?HAHAHA
Lol i laughed like crazy at this part.
Run for your life before she eat your liver!
Asking Miho to shoo!
After shoo-ing her, Seunggi quickly ran away to the direction where the boar went.
The boar found Seunggi! haha~!

Lazy post more pictures xO.
Friday, October 1, 2010 @ 11:22 PM
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