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→ Day 5 : Favourite song from SHINee world album ♕

                                   Look at Jonghyun's muscles!!! WTF *FAINTS*

Hmm.. day 5of CHALLENGE. *actually 2nd day, but idk whats the meaning of OTP. LOL*
Feel like skipping Day 4 so, now jumped to Day 5 hahaha. :)
So, my favourite song from 'SHINee World' album..
I have a lot actually LOL..let me list them down :
1. Love's Way
2. Love Like Oxygen
3. Romantic
4. Replay
5. In My Room
6. Y Si Fuera Ella - Jonghyun

K that's  all i guess. I prefer Y Si Fuera Ella & Romantic more than the other 4 that i listed down. Well, Love's Way is nice also but i don't listen to it as often as last time already.
Love Like Oxygen, AHAHA hear till bored already.
What about 'Romantic' ? :) . I will never get bored of that song. You can say that i hear that song like everyday. Yes, even now i'm listening to that song also.
Who is close to me, will know how crazy am i with that song.
Hehehe. For 'Replay' , can be said as my favourite since i will never get bored of that song. Since last year, i'm humming that song. Till now, haha!
HARRRR. 'In My Room' is a song that i will listen whenever i feel down~ That song will always cheer me up :) ~!
Oh. The number 6. you know why i like lar. HAHA clearly stated there.
Other songs which is not written here , doesn't mean i don't like. I like every song of SHINee :) ~

I'm so happy because they're going to make a comeback on KBS Music Bank this Friday with their new song, 'Hello' . I seriously hope the photo i'm seeing is not their concept photo.
Seriously, so simple? Even BoA's concept photo is not as simple as theirs. Hah. ^^
but then, jong hyun is still always HANDSOMEEEE. <3

Mdm Chiong, my favourite maths teacher is going to teach us PJ tomorrow! Yay, looking forward it. But..tomorrow is going to be a disaster i guess. Well know why? Mdm mone said she'll tell us our result.. ;( Argh.
Disappointed. Regret no use, hahaha. :) let it be.
Failure is the key to success . (Kegagalan adalah kunci kejayaan) <-- LOL RANDOM :)
Nothing to say eh? I found out that this challenge isn't helping me at all :P
Well.. xD .. bye..
Such a cutie xD.
Monday, September 27, 2010 @ 8:38 PM
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