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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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Jonghyun the ninja, wheesung, ? and Taemin.

Okay. Short post. Really, very short. 
I guess i will never continue the challenge. Lol, idk, don't ask me why. Nvm, just leave it there. Someday i will do it . 
This morning is really bad. Was raining heavily & didn't stopped. It's still raining now heh wtf -.-.
This morning is bad because i'm nearly all wet because of some girls , boys running here and there, and there was this crazy guy that i know, AMIRUL{idk hw to spell, not like i really know him, but i heard of him a lot of times } ! He took his wtf baju and splashed the water on me. Like, TOOT? What the fxck did i do ? 
Lmao i was just standing there, and i got splashed for no f*xking reason? So rude and unforgiveable.
He saw my reaction , laughed and ran away. Coward uh? lol, let's not really care bout dat alr. 
Then I went back home to prepare items to go Library with my bestfriends, Alicia & Chan moi~
I thought i will be the first to arrive, unfortunately, i'm the last one! HAHA. Blame it on the traffic jam x( . 
Yes it jammed really bad. I almost froze inside the car.
Pustaka is so fun today. Making fun of someone, lmao, cannot say out the name x*.

I'm starting to dislike Mdm chiong. She's torturing me so much until i strained my calf muscle. 
I'm having difficulty to walk now, even to stand straight. This is really, too much! 
Naik turun the bench for 3 minutes, and we had to do it twice which equals to 6minutes. Crazy much?
And we're going to do push-up soon, next week, i suppose. Damn, this is really, memenatkan dan menyusahkan. It's alright, i'll try to convince her so that i don't have to do that damn push up. I don't want to hurt my arms~~ My friends they all said that their arms hurt so bad after doing the push up. 
More worst is that, its like the whole class is watching you doing the push up thingy, counting until you're done, and give you a clap if you did well, if you didn't do well, the bastard aka Stanley c.y.c will come and laugh like as if he's the professional, oh my ass. He likes to show his so-called-'muscle' nowadays. Sorry la, that's fats,LAYERS Of fats, not MUSCLE. Somemore he smells so bad that i can die. 
And, next Monday, senaman poco-poco?!?!?! What on Earth is this?! The dance is like so lame, and you're asking everyone in the class to do that at the gelanggang ? NIGHTMAREEEEEE!!!
HUUUUUUUUHYAHHHH i prefer the old school days. I mean, before upsr days..
I don't know why, i'm missing worksheets that teacher always give. :l .

Last paragraph i swear.
Tomorrow is having competition~ i'm the AJK so i'm going to school, damn this is tiring.
Booohoosucksofreakingmuch. T___T Please hope everything will be fine DX hopefully my calf will recover really soon~ i don't wanna walk like some OKU people -.- . 
K, i call this short post.
Longer post?next time. lol.

Friday, October 8, 2010 @ 9:31 PM
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