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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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Singing and dancing ' Magic Girl ' . :) 

HELLOOOOOOO!! I'm back after  13 days of missing =D .
UPSR is ended, i'm relieved and happy~ No need to worry for UPSR anymore.
The last thing to worry about is my result. My result depends on the examiners!

Anyway, on the first day of UPSR, which is the 21st September, we had BM paper 1, paper 2 and Maths paper 2.
What I can say is, the first day was very disappointing because of my bm paper 1.
Know why? I did a lot of silly mistakes which i definitely REGRET so much. 
But i can't turn back the time, so, what can I do ? 
Might not be getting A for BM .. so disappointed. SIGH~
By then, i'm happy because Mathematics was so easy like eating a piece of cheese cake.

Second day, 22nd September, only had one paper, Mathematics paper 1.
It was easy, just normal like exercises Madam Chiong always give. 
I think this one is easier than the worksheets Mdm Chiong give.
Firstly, i'm thankful to Mdm Chiong for teaching us for two years, she is a really good Mathematic teacher though she may be strict towards us sometimes.
I remember, last year, my maths wasn't that good and didn't get to score an A.
Since the beginning of this year, i began to improve much and managed to finally stay steady in scoring an A for her subject.
She's the best Mathematic teacher so as the same goes to Teacher Lynn.
Last year, I hated Teacher Lynn for being so mean towards me and my friends.
Not only that she didn't tick my book, she also don't care bout us.
She complains a lot about my work eventhough i already gave my 100% in her project.
Also the same, this year, i started to like her and realized after all, she's a good English teacher. She's also strict, and that's what the thing that made me to write good essay.
I always criticized her in the past, but no longer now. 

On the third day, which is today, we sat for Science, English and Aptidud Test.
Science was okay, but i made mistakes x.x . 
English 1 was also okay, i also made some silly mistakes :( .
English 2 wasn't that okay, but i managed to do well.
I didn't do well in Section A i think.. because there were less things to describe? My first reaction when i saw the picture was like ' Oh my, how am i supposed to do this...??? ' .
Section B is also the same, for me, it's not easy. 
Section C only need our imagination and creativeness. As usual, i wrote well..but average length :) .
After the last drop of my writing, a smile was created on my face because it was the last paper for the important subject.
As what teacher advised us, we had to read our essay again. I did but i didn't manage to read the whole essay in Section C because the time was already over.
It's okay.. (= . 

So, I didn't ask my mother to bring me food because school will prepare food for us. Chan Mae told her mother that i don't have any food(which i have, school gave), then her mother T__T insisted to buy me food from the canteen. 
She said it was too little, then she got another one for me again.
I thanked her :), i'm grateful, but i really can't eat that much :O.
Still, i managed to finish everything^^!
Then after playing, washing up, and waiting, we lined up and went back to the exam hall.
Aptidud test. <-- confusing papers. The question was like ??????? . I don't even understand eh. I think i kinda screwed my first part up because i don't know anything =x .
Aptidud test lasted for an hour and a half which is so boring and longggggg. I finished at 3pm and there were still  45 minutes left for the bell to ring!!!!
WHATEVER because i slept and sang song inside the hall .. i sang 'Romantic' non-stop... 
kekekeke i was sitting at the back that's why, i don't care :).

Anyway, i kinda like the invigilator. She may be strict, she's nice actually ^^!!!!
i think i'm writing too much aren't i ??? k, goodbye =)

                                  Taemin, Jong hyun and Key in hanbok , <3 

Thursday, September 23, 2010 @ 8:22 PM
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