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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ A Different Y.O.U ♕

SHINee family~ Jonghyun is the one with towel on his head.

Hello! I'm bored now, its 12.35am midnight and i'm still here online~
I online for the whole day already. I wonder if this is how i'm going to spend my weekends.
It's okay, i don't like going outdoor because it's boring likeeee -.- especially i'm alone like that. If it's with my friends that would be better&fun. 
I hope there's class outing this year? I'm going to separate with my besties after this year T.T, so sad ! It's okay because i have Chan Mae but i don't have Alicia and Tiffany~

To be honest, i'm jealous of those who can go to any school they want.
I don't have any options, i'm going to st joe, which i don't want at all.
For me, i don't like to study in St joe. You can call me racist because its true that i'm racist.
Okay, see how Chinese in Malaysia are being treated by those 'bumiputeras' and Malays? 
It's not like i hate every bumiputera and Malays, some of them are pretty nice.. 
Some are like shit as they like to go around and say bad things about Chinese. 
Recently, i heard some bumiputera/malay saying 'cina kau/mak kau cina' which for me is very rude~ How would they feel if I say back, 'iban kau/mak kau dot dot dot' ? 
Of course they will feel annoyed right?! Okay. I'm racist like 70% and un-racist 30% .
Scram off if you're not happy with me. ;) See, even some of my chinese friends also DISLIKE those rude bumiputera/malay ! 
Sometimes i just wish i'm not staying in Malaysia. Feeling sooo -.- being with so many that kind of 'la kia' around me everyday ~ 
See, how the goverment treats Chinese? They don't give chances to Chinese. 
They only give to 'bumiputeras' and Malays. Unfair much uh? No use voting the goverment you know, just vote 'rocket' lah! 
K, stop with my shits about them & move on to my kpop stuffs~

Just now, i was busy reading S.F.S which stands for SHINee Funny Scenarios. 
I liked 'A Different Y.O.U' , 'When there isn't anymore tears' , ' On a Rainy Day ' , ' When his cheekyness override' , ' When a reporter.. ' , ' When he wants to be only in your hearts ' and alot alot alot more! but as i began to read more and more scenarios, i suddenly got tired.
So i stopped reading and decided to continue them tomorrow.
Their scenarios is like so creative,touching and inspiring !!!!
I burst out in laughters like so many times? 111122337898853665 times.

I'm a crazy kpop-maniac ;) ! I know there's a lot of 'la kia' s in Malaysia kept on saying ' I will never understand why chinese/some people like koreans so much blablablalba' ~ 
If they're Chinese i bet they will understand. Well, 'la kia' just don't seem to understand Korean :).  Sometimes, they says Koreans are ugly just because they're jealous.
Let me tell them, KOREANS are not ugly,their skin are so pale&bright, their eyes are so nice that i wish to have them, and those korean idols are very talented!
Lastly, they're nice, but not NORTH KOREANS ok! 
I have so much 'dislikes' towards 'la kias' ok.. Its not good to say it out here right? 
Don't want to offend anyone~ keke.

K, i have no idea what to do now. 
MY english suck right? i agree :).
BYEEEE i'm lack out of things to blog about .. u'know my life. 
The author of this blog is signing outtt~ proudly as Jonghyun's wife LOLOL jkjk.
Hey hottie, wai so hot& cute? 

Saturday, September 25, 2010 @ 1:00 AM
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