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Hello, it's been like a week since i've updated my dead blog.
Sat for exam this week, didn't really revised that much as I did in the previous exam.
I didn't knew that Wednesday we were going to sit for Science, so i did not studied Science at home. Instead, I revised English since i thought we were going to sit for English.
Now, got some papers back. I'm having 3A's now. 2 more papers are not given back to us.
Hopefully both are A's uh? 
I'm so excited for tomorrow. Aunt and cousin coming back from Singapore,yay~ Somemore, its Kwonnie's birthday soon in few more hours! 
Ah, Key oppa's birthday is on the last day of UPSR. :)). They all grown up so much..
Just watched Music Bank just now, didn't really realized that Key and Jjong are having problem. Some said Jong hyun lip synced. Key looked so tired and unwell. What happened to them?
Seriously, in my opinion, not only me, i think it's other shawol's opinion too, SM should let SHINee rest.. Next week, SM family are going to Los Angeles for SM TOUR LIVE CONCERT, which include SHINee. Their schedules are so busy!! 
I seriously hope that SHINee will not end up like TVXQ. Please don't -,-.
Celebrities need rests too. They are human being. It's so sad to see that they are so tired and yet they did an awesome performance on the stage.
I hope everyone in SHINee will get enough rest soon :) . Jongkey, recover soon!!! 

Next Tuesday is national day. Who is excited? Not me! Excited for Merdeka Mall only. Haha.  
UPSR is coming~ boo boo boo~ I'm in room 5, yay~ But i'm seperated from my best friends. Its always like this. But its okay^^~ 

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Nothing else to post~ Byee. 
Friday, August 27, 2010 @ 8:40 PM
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