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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ I love my.. ♕

husband, jong hyun a.k.a jjong ! :D
His concept photo for LUCIFER.

As you all know, SHINEe has released a new album on 19th July (: ! 
I'm like crazy over their new album already. Damn, its hot, and yes, their new songs, are all super nice!!!! 
I downloaded their whole album, don't say i don't support them, when i got the money later, and when their album are available in Miri, I will support them by buying them (: !
Now i wanna save money and purchase my husband's new album!
Hehe of course I will support jo kwon's new album too.
Heard 2AM are gonna release new album on September as jo kwon, my second hubby revealed in TWITTER that.....

Hehehe happy happy !
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Just now went outside. Damn the wind was so damn strong. I almost flew away!
Ohwell i need to accept the fact that i'm fat. I won't fly away anyway. haha.
i've been repeating lucifer for almost 412345678/900000130 times ! :O
Okay, i love that song. Especially when it's Jjong hubby's turn xD.
Ahhhh. Damn twitter doesn't let me to change my background ):.
Got bored of my " YOU ARE THE REASON WHY WE SMILE .. " (with jjong's photo).
Any inspiration? Inspire me to think of any ideas.
Really appreciate if anyone give me inspirations :) .

By the way...i've finished 3 essays. < My target for today anyway.
I really am lack of ideas to think of what to write in my essay. I wanted to write it in a short paragraph...
But, miss lynn will surely scold me for that. I know it wouldnt happen but she will like go and say it in a sarcastic way..
Argh nowadays so stress ): . Teachers give stress . Everyone around me give stress T.T.
Really don't wanna give a damn but somehow....i can't do it.
Pray okay. :( I lost my bracelet. Don't know where did it go T_T  !
Feel so empty without wearing it ! Hope can find it.
Its getting late already o.o . Wanna wake up early tomorrow and finish my last essay :> .
Then afternoon gonna do all my ulasan.
Ohmona since when i became so damn, erm, hardworking. haha :) .
Byee. <3

My hubby so shuai siah. :D
Saturday, July 24, 2010 @ 8:33 PM
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