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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ =) I'm back ♕

Annyeong haseo! Missed me? ^^
I just changed the layout of my blog ..
I think its quite plain and empty ._. , but i don't mind .
I'm not gonna add any tagboard now since nobody gonna tag it . Hehe..
Its not necessary to add a tagboard ritee !? I will add my twitter board later .
I tried add last night, but don't know why got whatever toot things come out .
So yeah gave up ._. , or maybe i won't add any extra things in my blog.
Don't know what is the point of adding them xD . Its my blog lar, just to express our feelings or write down our daily stories~
For your information, i'm back to blogger. bored @ onsugar.com , LOL .
Blame onsugar b'cause they has so less gorgeous layout T__T .
But i will still blog at there :> . More often here i guess ? Don't know, i have too much, LOL.
I'm deciding to create a private blog, but oh well, no need for now .
Don't wanna leave onsugar as well.. because i posted hella maybe 5++ posts at there, its a waste if i close it down right? :D
Going to grandma house later, its Father's Day today! I was the first one to msg my daddy, yeah!
Exactly on 12.00am. hehe :D .
Been playing AuditionSEA these days, too bored . :x .
Feel free to find me ... ~XiaoY ^^. I don't bully, people bully me T.T .
aww,, i feel like playing 200bpm . Hehe !! =D anyone wants? ^^ book me now, LOL!
Me,alone playing ;p
Look at my result, noob anot?! xD lol justkidding =d

Hehe, won 400 Bulletin point. :D chiong-ed so hard :(x

Hehe x17 den ^_^ . 

All same moves! I like this ! (Y)

x11 on Freestyle Y(easy) 80bpm, =D

Woohoo. NIGHT ! :D 

okay, thats all for today, got to go to grandma house! 
bye , xoxo <3.

EDIT : 9.23pm.
Back from grandma's house 5hours ago > Watch Australia's Next Top  Model > Eat > Took bath > Dried hair > Cutted nails > Online > Blogging+Facebook
Tomorrow is School ~! I can't wait fer it lol xD because i can see my friends alreadyyyyyy! 
Woohoooooo,i don't know what my position in class would be. Maybe veryyy low. I guess 20+ ? x.x i hope not. :) Finally holiday is over......! Boring holiday <: . Rot at home everyday, don't know what to do at home at all -.- okay. I missed Audi :( . I want to play 200bpm, Head over heels by Show Luo. Haha that song is addictive, and the speed is also very challenging ..i can press fast fast like crazy human. ^^ Anyone want invite me to GMA? (cybercafe), then we can play audi together :). fetch me yeah. but not this time around...exam is on 6th July, woo. 2nd PRA UPSR. >.< NERVOUSS!!! BECAUSE ....UPSR ISSSSS COMINGGGGGG TO EAT US UP ! kekeke. 
Nevermind, challenge~! 5a 5a 5a 5aaa ! lol. < my fantasy dream. haha :D 
bye. I wish i could sketch. But i has no talent in it ^^

Sunday, June 20, 2010 @ 1:08 PM
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