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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ The feeling of grateful ♕

Hellos, readers =D
i'm so bored right now so i decided to blog.. Actually i don't know what to blog..

Okay,i'll blog about what had happened in my life TODAY :D
In the morning, woke up around 8.30am ++ ;D !
Then, washed up and went online. Nothing fun.. was waiting for Natalie to upload more photos about yesterday. The internet was slow just like a snail. But now its abit fine already, not as lag as this morning. Then, mom called home. Ran downstair to answer it. She asked me what to "tapao" , i told her "Anything". Then she kept on blablabla ~ Haha. After the conversation ended, went upstair again. No longer later, mom called home again! She told me that she won't "tapao" and asked me to go and take a bath, call my sis to wake up -___-. Cause we are going out to eat, then going to PC fair.
After taking bath, i called my sis to wake. -.-'' shes a pig (i know youre reading this HAHAHA).
Then online-d again. :D
After mom reached home, after my sis dressed up, we went out..
First, we went to where my aunt work... We waited for her to finish her work at 1pm.
:) after that, we went to eat. At somewhere i don't know ? ?
Jeremiah and his family were there eating too... so malu. His mother and brother kept on looking at me -____- . Maybe its because i have pimples on my forehead ! Haha! Ordered ahmmmmmmm kuey tiaw with vegetables and meats? quite delicious though.
After eating, we went to the Pikom PC Fair. There, was crowded with peoples wanting to buy things that they want.. so yeah, my mom and aunt wanted to buy a Notebook for my eldest sis.
She probably needs it when she goes abroad to study later. How lucky she is ?
My cousin, was working as a promoter at there too ! =D
After visiting the Pikom PC fair, my aunt sent us back to the place where she works.
Exchanged car. My mom drove to hmmm somewhere near Morsjaya.. She wanna cut her hair, so as my sis.
So they waited for their turn, while i was just standing there waiting for time to fly. x_x
My sis cutted her hair..now her hair just abit like Natalie's . ;/ .
After cutting hair, we went to Morsjaya...i bought 2 bars of chocolates...yum yum .
Hazel nut and whatever nut. oh no i ate CRISPINA. haha just kidding.
After that, went home.
HOME-D, online. Till now. Haha.
Nothing much happened... Tomorrow is Mother's Day..
Hmmm what should we get for mom then ? Waiting for my sisters to decide tomorrow !

❥Now realized that i wasted so much time ... on things that are useless.
Now i finally know why we should appreciates time.... time is precious.
Time wouldn't wait for us, they fly as far as they want.
When will the time finally stop ? I wish i could rewind back time , and choose the right things that i should've chose.
No use regret now, i am the one who find trouble for ownself. I deserve it then ! :/
UPSR are just so neaaaaaar. 4months to go... am I able to score 5A in UPSR ?
Self-confidence.... argh. I told myself to try hard to score 5A....but now i'm still doing nothing, playing computer. When should I start doing my revision? Not this month....no...no!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010 @ 7:31 PM
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