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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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hardly have the time to update my blog^^V
but now i'm taking the chance to update it!
heh :D i bet you guess missed me right? (no) .
=D haha, soo, nothing happened lately.
well,actually yes, but just a lil bit lazy to write ? =P
ok ok i'll blog about it next time.

This afternoon I attended computer class.
It was quite fun,quite boring,quite sad,quite happy.
Natalie was crazy that time :/ , she kept on snapping pictures of us! hm including me .
I look like a monkey okay... wanna see? go and look in Natalie's facebook!
If you're strangers, who cares.... haha.
Let me tell ya who's the winner of the "GAY" today!
Gallacher & Jonathan !!!!
I seriously can't believe that Gallacher and Jonathan are actually a gayy.
(not the meaning of happy ok) .
They're acting so gayy today . hmmm absolutely.
As a reward for reading my blog,(do tag my tagboard) I'll let you see the pictures of our school role models ! ! meh.
(pictures stole from Natalie's facebook, all pictures credit to Natalie.)

Our school's most famous boy a.k.a Jonathan. Just look at his sexy leg.
Isn't it sexy? (no) . The way he sits are just gay. gay gay gay.

Farisya and Tatiana!!
The two naughty amoi in 6C ! aren't they cute? :)
They are best friend forever who will never be apart. haha.

This picture is beautiful..i love it..but it's edited..can't see the whole picture. Haha ._.
I'm not inside!! ^__^ picture of me will be the last, don't be suprised when you see it !

This picture , not bad too. Cool. :0 But Emi's leg................ LOOL.

Jonathan again. he's so slim -.- .

Hmm so yeah,last picture. :) Natalie did not uploaded much.
I hope she will upload again tomorrow!
Haha.. in the computer class, we're playing for the whole time...
After computer class, went outside to wait for my mom to come.
She was a bit late today, and i felt so lonely so i went to 6C class again.
wow -____-, emi and others were still there taking pictures!!
Complete freak eyhh? haha. i joined them, but not long than 10minutes, my mom came.
So i ran downstair. haha.
And like that, my excitement ended. ;D had so much fun with them.. =) ..

I still can smile happily without you with me. It wasn't my fault for leaving you two alone.
Its you two's fault....the both of you did not wait for me.
Sorry also did not said. How are you expecting me to forgive you two?
Yes,you may say I get angry just because of small matters.
I'm not angry. Its abit sad that you guys neglected me.
Even if I late just a minute, 5 minute, or was talking to other people, or was combing my hair, can't you just wait for me? That's what friends for isnt it?
You didn't even call me, so how would I know that the both of you wanna go down? It doesn't make senses when you said that i ignored you guys when i didn't even know anything?????
After clearing all my things on the table, i went to look for the two of you.
The two of you weren't in class. Downstair already.
I don't know.....
maybe i'm just wrong cause i got angry just because things like this.....
forget it -__- .

BTW, i changed my blog skins! its so lovely now, isnt it ? LOVES!

Friday, May 7, 2010 @ 10:17 PM
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