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Let me tell you somethang !
YES, he is the person I HATE THE MOST.
SO what if people always says, " don't hate,later slow slow marry.."
Sorrylah ! I wouldnt marry him nor would i FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM ew.
He always think he is the best,shiaa rite !
He is so lazy. Crazy. TAK WARAS ! He always don't finish his homework.
Good that he always kena MDM Chiong scold ! GOOD FOR HIM !
Then he will always go around and talk about people's bad things.
Yea of course I'm the victim.
He said that i'm stupid,ugly,crazy.
HAHAHA didn't he realized that he is the ONE stupid/ugly/ or whatsoever CRAZY?
wow. i think he need to look at the mirror.
i look like orang asing? hahaha. Not MAKHLUK ASING kah?
:DD if is that so, i would appreciate it veryveryveyr muchhhh.
SO YA, this morning,i came just a little BIT late to school.
And today was the day i need to bertugas.
I wanted to bertugas, but since there are no more people bertugas at longkang dere,
how am i supposed to do my work lah? No teacher, no pengawas guide.
Even if i tugas also no use rite? Cause nobody would drop down my name that i did my work!
So yeah, Hui Thing told me that the STANLEY will go and tell teacher.
HMM, do i look like i care? hahaha.
So when i went back to the class, so malang that stanley is just right infront of me/ omg.
Like i had guessed, he will say " Jaga !! tak tugas !! " .
He really said that ! HAHAHA.
then he said he will tell T.Mone.
When t.mone came in our class, he didnt even tell !
No guts ok this guy. OR SHALL I CALL HIM, sissy?!
Tell lah. He think i scared of him , NO !
I can complain to teacher for WHAT HE DID TO ME too.
He should'nt berlagak so early.
Cos i hav lotsa of things to be complained.
He pull my hair, touch my hair, disturb me with his dirty hand, chase me.
Pull the door, say i stupid/ugly/crazy, and others !
I have alot of saksi okay?
Nobody like him as friend bah.
Everyone always tease him !! thats what he deserve !
If he knows that nobody like him, he should've change his attidude AM I RIGHT?
his attidude just sucks.
so so sos os i got so angry on this guy.
i wish he disappear from my life.
he is so annoying just like omg omg omg omg.

so yeahhhhh.
This is the person, i hate the most ! :DDD .
iwant2killhim-.- .

signing out !

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 4:00 PM
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