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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ two oh oh nine ? ♕

Hi readers ! I'm back to blog again !
HEH :D since i am so bored now, i wanna recall back my 2009's life !
okay! i stole those pictures from my sister's album haha.


oh,i remember this house. pretty.green!!
MY HOUSE EYH. hahaha.


10OCTOBER2009/ Grandpa's 80th BIRTHDAY.

Me,dad and sis . ^^V

some from sibu.. don really know them....haha. related to my grandpa jiu shi ler.

the daughters and son in th HII family.

Officially 80 year old ! (clapsclaps)

Don mind my face pls T_T we were singing happy birthday song for grandpa.
(Adrian, Vivien, me and Yvonne)

Adrian,Alex and Darren

?Last day relatives in Miri? - @ dynasty hotel bufffet! :D afterschool.

My dad and my uncle ! lol

Ah Girl with aunt ^^V miss ahgirl so dearly much.

My mom and the ONLY SON in HII family :DD lol (Adrian Hii)

Delicious much.

Aunt and MOM again !

Ah Girl and Aunt ~ hehe. so cute right she :D.

so sad its been so long alr since they're in miri. miss them so much especially AHGIRL, ahboy and yingying^^v haha. :) had so much fun with them when they were here k. haha.
ok if you noticed im not in some pictures.....hehehe.
my picture is very pricey okay? pay for it. haha.

right,no more pictures. actually there are still but just lazy wana upload already.

so LETS talk about my life now o3o.
perfect much? think so. hmm,
i got back my English paper 2 and BM paper 2.
how great that i got an A for english p2 ! ^^V
32/40, nyawa ikan. Haha but still very grateful that i got an A :3
i am very weak in section A, i know. that's why i only got 6marks for it.
haha. Section C got 13marks. My first time ever get this mark. Last time i always get 12 marks only.
Yeahh improved much huh, I PROUD <:

For BM p2, was okok also. Got B for it. 75%.
So funny and stupid that, students from university is mahasiswa right?
I wrote BIASISWA(scholarship) . -,- so cut marks.
IF NOT, i would have get an A :((((( .
haha-,- retarded brain. XD
Mathematics i got 93% right? i mentioned it in my previous post.
so...-.- 2A3B. rawrr. next month, semester1 alr. woo-.-
UPSR are soooo nearrrrrr ..................
T_T cant wait for it to be officially OVERRRR~
then it will be merdeka for all the primary 6 !!
i will 100% jump in joy ! Hehe. I WISH
okay....post again next time.
Wednesday, April 21, 2010 @ 3:47 PM
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