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Guess who's here!
Me of course!
Its been awhile since i have blogged huhh .
Been so busy lately, about studies and blahblah.
Since i have the time to and yet tomorrow is a public holiday,
i shall blog ;D .
well, lets talk about MY chinese new year.
It wasnt that bad.. o; just that this year was quite boring . lool .
Should i say, visit my sister's friend house tooo much?
They always ended up gambling till late night or something else .
Well of course I did joined .
For the first time i played the blackjack, i was so lucky mann .
Won some money but its quite ok though since i start with RM2 LOOL .
Have luck,but the next days and so on, my luck was gone , hmms ?
its ok though cause CNY mar. But i was happy on that moment . ;)
They were so friendly and of course,funny =D
how i wish i have friends like that,no?
well...I don't know what else to say.
1st day of CNY,people come to my house ;D , open house mah ;)
hai i didnt get to invite Chan Mae cause she was at kuching and i dont know how to contact her but she have phone BUT NO SIM CARD T_____T ? (thats weird i know , i shall buy her one,RM10 one is that ok wtf ) .

well 2nd day,
people came too...then..evening,went to jojo aunt house.. gambled at there. Yes there is where i won $$ . They had dinner at there, but i did not cause i wasnt hungry =p .
Then we gambled till 9.30pm .
After gambling,Went to Parkson with my sister and her friends .......to the cinema ;D
Watched the *Valentine* .
So boring, i don't get what they are doing.
Too much characters i supposed so . Somemore i did not wore my spectacles so itssssss so hard for me to see. -.-So im like buat buat faham only ;P .
But we watched halfway,got too bored then went to KFC ..that time was around 11.30pm.
Then they eat eat eat, i bought an ice cream? RM2.70 , so expensive and its so not nice zzzzzz.
After that they decided to go to tanjung to playy the mercun(i don know what it is called) .
So himpit himpit in the car. haha,i sat on WenWen's leg. I am heavy i suppose . ;P
then reached there... being so sakai. The security was watching us playing the so-called-mercun eh? They throw here and there. Boom here and there. LOOL . =D .
Then we went home.
Reached home around 2am , late huh ~ ;O
3rd day,..and 4th day
cannot recall, but with my sis's friends agn
5th day, duno,forget.
6th day,forget.
7th day,forget.
8th day,SUNDAY!
Well.......pictures should do the talking =D .{lazy to arrange}

Fishh. it is pengsan for a few minutes.

Turtles? ;P veryveryveryvery cute they swim ;x

Very bigg ! =D

(this supposed to be the first pic,ps) -at the lutong bridge,near pulau melayu.

Amituofu! :D


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