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→ Hate you ♕

lolz i am so pissed of by this someone , and i seriously hate her freaking much .___.
When will she stop this ah? Why cant she just shut her mouth up !
Yaaap its UPSR year this year, but doesnt mean that we have to be so serious all the time in class.
We are happy go lucky ah,we like to play so is that her bigbigbig problem?!!?!
She is so tidak tahu malu,yet now she's the one who are creating those fake stories -.-
I treated her as my friend, a good friend . But no longer now, Im starting to hate her .
I know her since primary1,she was a good girl back then. But primary3, she changed.
Well..all I can say is , two-faced? She say she don't hate us ,but on the other side she tell other people that she hate us?!
What did we do? Did we even disturb her? Its like she make no sense when we did not even talked about her, nor do we hate her! Now she's the one who hate us !
She go on telling other people about us, say that we like to swear bad words????
Really? She also did swear oh,? Saying us bodoh,****, and other other things?
Lets not really care..... like T.lynn said.. sabar,sabar!! Be rational bah..<just kidding>
What she did will point back to her one day :)
I dont mind .... its my life, who are you to judge me , girl ? If you don't like us, come on face to face and tell me that you hate us, we will straight away get out of your sight !

And there's another girl i really hate in class -o-...
blahblahblah why she's in 6c :( shes not supposed to in 6C T.T
whatever lah...... -.-

BTW..im going to computer class later = =...
I hate computer class... -.- I am even pro-er than my computer teacher aaa.. D:
MY MOTHER FORGOT to tell my form teacher that im not going :((((
that damndamn computerclass!! .__-
dahlah so sempit there!! so kecik. Expand to bigger maa!!!
Don wan to on aircon somemore. So panas there, sweating like pigs ah .
Anything la..I'm sitting between Natalie and GLADYS (=.=) ?!?!?!
AT least tiffany and chan mae is near :O
BUT farisya and tatiaana is so so so so far away :(((((
So bad you teacher.. ;x !!
byebyees :D
Friday, January 22, 2010 @ 12:26 PM
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