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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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Heyhey hihi supsup people!! ^^
i am so bored :O
oh cmon i need someone to entertainment me !
so ya..every lesson in class was so boring !

When i reached school and walked into the class,Mdm Chiong was already there marking books!
She's so early today!! D: make me cannot talk with chan mae , cause im sitting far away from my best friends already -__- .. Mdm Mone changed my place!! I DON KNOW WHY TOO! Sunddenly only ya yesterday. I was doing my BM Karangan then she sunddenly ask me to sit at Stephanie's place T__T... So saaad .... :(

Well,then after maths,we had KT ! Hand in our work today, teacher not really "puas" with our work. Hey!! She even commented something about mine!! After she look at mine, she stood up and said , " COLOURFUL DOESNT MEAN CREATIVITY " . OH CMON, if too plain its not nice okay? If plain shes gonna comment something bad too .__. whatever-laheh.. at least i did my work with my best ok? I put so much effort in doing it ! , Well not really xD . . .
then she gave us another work again :( .. the theme is " PERINDUSTRIAN " ....
Kao ! 3weeks given to us, enough bah. .________.
then after KT,we had SCIENCE! We went to the Sciencee room/lab? heh.
Our observation finally endeddddd . HAHAHA.
Me and Tatiana was talking like nobody's business at the back,HEY,talking doesnt mean that we never pay attention to teacher okay :O then 10minutes liddat before going back class,teacher gave us time to finish the scrapbook but ohcrap i did not bring mine. So i helped Tatiana to finish hers! HAHAHAH see how good am i!
Then we went back class, HUHUH,BM time !
T__T do karangan again, this time was about w/e faedah faedah tentang Pendidikan Keselamatan Jalan Raya! :P Teacher gave us isi-isi,then we hurai ourself....
Then the bell finally rang! That means,its recess timee !
I bought frenchfries , i so jahat right , i never line up to buy, straight potong !
HAHAHA..then went back class ;P Chan Mae kept on begging me to go to computer class D; !
But in the end i agreed to go :P !
After recess,moral ! We continued our bm karangan T__T .
I don't really have the idea, me and chan mae discuss only,kena cikgu marah .__.
blablaa,teacher call it copy,we call it teamwork! <-- a group in facebook. :P
its really true though :O :D then after moral , go home !
Afternoon came to school for computer again.
Hehhs,after computer,home sweet home again.
THEN.....after dinner,we went out to Imperial Mall !
From 7pm to 10pm =@ Vivien was so tired o__O Cos tomorrow she have PBSM Orientation =x .

in the mall.............wasss........so......dam......HOT i tell you =x
i was gonna burst out anytime cause its so hottt . ;O
then 10pm liddat we went home......then 30minutes later we went ouut to eat !
Aunt Jojo's treat ;D ;D ;D . WE went to a stall.,somewhere near the airport.....ate a boowl of mee pok + chilli o__O ..
the worker's muka was so masam , like dont wanna to serve us liddat.
Aunt Jojo asked for the w/e potong chilli, that worker said finish.
Then after a while,aunt jojo go and take herself,its still ada what !
Where got finsh, that worker is just lazy to take. Can see that she's dreaming about her boyfriend xDD !!
WORKER yang pemalaaaaas LOL .
Then home sweet home! tak dapat tidur.
Friday, January 29, 2010 @ 5:11 PM
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