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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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Yellow! (a lame way for saying hello). I don't feel guilty about neglecting this space for days but 'yellow', time for some update. & just incase my readers are curious of what's happening in my life wtf.


Hi. *awkward & wide smile* How are you all.....wtf. I have been lazy to update my blog.. Anyway, not like anyone reads my blog.. it's not like i have readers that is a fan of my blog... Ok still for the sake of my readers I'm gonna make some updates... Are you happy or are you happy now?? 

Okay..let's talk about school then. I guess some of you ever read that I blogged about this...

I think i have the worst Sivik teacher ever, wtf. She, herself, as a Sivik teacher, is not even doing her job as a Sivik teacher. Okayyy so I always have this thought that a Sivik teacher won't always complain  about others' stuffs, yes?? If so.... then my Sivik teacher is totally different. What the hell did I even do to deserve her comments? She's such a judgemental old bitch woman. Why is putting pictures of me and the koreans on my table so wrong? She said it's wasting time.... wtf. So, complaining about my class, my table, my work, and everything isn't called as your so-called-wasting time??? Take a look of yourself in the mirror OLD bitch woman. If you aren't a teacher i would've slapped you in the face. & I do your work just for the sake of my damn marks. But OLD bitch woman, when I do what you asked to, can you at least appreciate? screw you upside down. stop thinking that you are always the greatest!!! And please stop putting so much perfume lah! The smell is so freaking strong....and your makeup is so thick....which makes you look somewhat like a.....ghost? hmph whatever, sorry for judging you old woman, but it had to be said. 

Let's just forget about that old woman.....opppps i meant, that, useless bitch sivik teacher. 


Tomorrow is 6th August which means it's the 6th day of August which also means it's Saturday which also means tomorrow night is APPRECIATION NIGHT'11! Who wants to join my club of looking the most horrible on tomorrow's night?? Okay the number of members has no limitations..& anyone is mostly welcomed..even pedophiles. The only rule is..you must look the most horrible tomorrow night- wtf okay joke. Take it as a joke.. maybe i'm too bored and have nothing better than do. Who says i have nothing better than do? There are two assignments waiting for me to finish them by next week..and I haven't even started!!! hoolla to me :).

On the other side, let's hope everything goes well tomorrow night!! I have nothing to wea- No, hold on a second- maybe i have something to wear. Shirley said be ready to look the most beautiful tomorrow night. I think I should be ready to look the most ugly. But don't forget..........I'm going to be the tallest tomorrow - Maybe not. 

Blog about appreciation night'11 tomorrow or Sunday. I wanna sign out from this blog xoxo sayonara readers.

I'll be back.....

with pictures. 

Of course, that is something you must anticipate. joke joke.

Do you know her?
I...don't. I heard she has some serious mental problems. HAHAHA

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Friday, August 5, 2011 @ 10:17 PM
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