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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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It's Saturday. I finally have the time to update my blog. Been really really busy this week, stayed at school every afternoon for foot drill training. Now what? Annual parade postponed to 25th September so for now, there's no foot drill training. Nevermind, I had fun these few days. Looking forward to the next foot drill training :)
Today, there's a 'One Malaysia Run'.. I didn't run, but went to school for first aid duty. I was in main station. Our first aid kit has nothing.. Don't have the item(i dont know what it's called) to treat cramps, and other important stuffs. I got really pissed off this morning. This particular someone asked me to run over there, yes i did, and i 'injured' my ankle. I didn't even complain to that particular someone, he asked me to go and i did, then in the end he said i was busybody. Like fuck.....it's really 'buat baik tidak dibalas baik' okay! Talk bad about me also that someone, say i busybody also that someone. Won't you leave me alone? 

Oh ya, last Sunday, my siblings and I went to Brunei with my aunt and uncle. It was a nice one day trip. Will upload pictures in my next post, but readers please do not wait for it, cause I cannot promise you guys. If i have the mood to upload, then i will. If no, then i won't. And i'm sure my post about my trip will be boring. So please don't wait for it. :) 

Let's move on to other topic :
It's really none of my business, but i seriously cannot take it. It hurts my eyes! It gives me eyesores. I will never understand what is on this person's mind! Like seriously, if you have a face, then put your own face. Don't go and steal others will you? Stop pretending that you look like them. geeeeeez. Awhile say your mother is mix this mix that, your father mix this mix that, then say you from korea, then from japan, then from taiwan. Wtf are you thinking man?! Even someone famous's blogposts you also copy. For example Javene(idk her)'s blogposts > http://jia-nie.blogspot.com/2011/06/snap-snap-testing-on-ricoh-cx5.html < ..
Damn it, you have your own life. So write about your life. Stop daydreaming, because you will never be them lah pls. God gave you a perfect life then live it. Why so ungrateful? ish. Ask people to say that you are not fake, when you are really fake. Aren't you ashamed?! Studying in RRSS somemore. Even create a fanpage for yourself.....ohmygosh.. why would you even do that? so desperate for attentions? -_- People say you're fake and you straight away block them. how pathetic. -_- I know Javene is  rich, so i hope she will sue you! :P There's also this girl from my school that stole her photos and used them. Javene said she will sue that girl if she don't close down everything, and i think that girl did close down everything. So good luck to you, babo faker Nazri. 
Here's his so-called-beautiful-and-his-own-life-blog http://prince-hua-hua.blogspot.com/ .
My eldest sister is going back to Kuching tomorrow. uuuuhhhhhh the house's gonna be silent again.

The evening star is shining bright, 
So make a wish and hold on tight,
There's magic in the air tonight,
And anything can happen...
Saturday, July 2, 2011 @ 1:19 PM
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