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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ Don't trust me, i don't even trust myself :( ♕

Wonder how much you care for me?

It won't be the same anymore. No, i won't be the same anymore. I'm gonna change. I must try to change. I'm gonna laugh everything off from now on wards. I will be on my own. I make my own decisions. I'm not gonna care what people say about me.

You're my last gift. 
Can't believe what Chan Mae said was right. Life is so unpredictable. You lie and lie, you just never realize. You say this and that, but you never fulfill them. You apologize profusely,  thanks for your fake 'Sorry's'. No sincerity at all from the beginning. So heartless. So selfish. There won't be no next time. I swear.
From now, i'll start wondering why did i treat you so nice. My trust is like an eraser. Each time you lie, it gets shorter and shorter. I can't find any reason to trust you anymore. Thanks for all the lies you told me. Now i'm gonna forget every shits you told me. Thanks for abandoning. I also realized that you only need me when you're alone. What about me when i'm alone? I was always there for you. But you were never there for me. 

All i wanna say is, thanks for everything.

I will be sitting with a korean guy! His name is Im Chan Hee. There will be 5 koreans entering my class. 3 girls, 2 boys. They are :
1. Im Chan Hee
2. Kim Ji Won
3. Seo Yerim
4. Wu Myungji
5. Kim Jeong Eun

My mother does not want to adopt one. :( 
By the way, wish me luck for tomorrow's Making Sandwich competition. I'm sure my sandwich can't be eaten at all. 
Mysteries!! I'm very curious right now. Wondering what are you gonna tell me? Can't stop thinking about it. I hope it won't be anything bad. PRAY!!!! 
Tuesday, July 5, 2011 @ 7:21 PM
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