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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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Today is the second day of the third summative. Well, it's going on quite well. Got back almost all test papers except for Science paper 2, Malay 1 & 2, KHB and PJK papers. Hmmm, all i can say is i dropped in the test. wow, i envy Michelle cuz she's a smartass. She's so gonna get top 1 this time, instead of me. Obviously she's getting top1 cuz she win me in a lot of subjects. Okay, so this is my so-called-excellent result.
English paper 1 - 34/40(no, u won't believe what mdm su said. she said "everyday speak English, i expect you to do great in paper 1!)
            paper 2 - 45/50(for this paper, she said it's good. hehehe). I got the highest mark for this paper. could've gotten 46/50 if i didn't miss out one point in the literature section. 
Science paper 1 - 37/40. (Michelle got 39/40. such a genius.)
              paper 2 - haven't get back!
Moral - 88%. Hahaha is 88 my lucky number now? I got 88% for 3 subjects. Sad. I dropped 1 mark. :(
Mathematics paper 1 - i forgot already eh. 
                       paper 2 - such a disappointment paper. got 54/60. I dropped 4 marks wtf. I got 58/60 in summative 1.          
History - Hahaha, history! I'm glad because my hardwork does pay off. I studied History for 2 days and getting 87% is quite satisfying. Argh, still i dropped. I got the highest mark for this :D
Geography - I bet you won't want to know about my marks for geography. It sucks a lot and i mean really alot! only one person gets A in this subject, which is michelle. shit. this paper was tough like a bitch. ish. i studied for it and i got 69%. life's really 'good'.
Sivik - 88%. lol 
PSV - 24/40 for objective paper(i swear i shoot every questions in this paper. get 24 correct is so lucky lol). + 2 more works given by teacher(has 60 marks). Hopefully i got an A or else i might have at least 4B(s) in my report card. AND I DONT WANT ~!!!              
KHB - I got 48/60. Haven't gotten my papers back but i know my marks already cuz i asked ckg cheong :D. Not satisfied. dropped 3 marks.

I guess, that's all?? Hmmmmmm conclusion is.....i dropped in every subject. /sobz/
Tomorrow is my birthday.. so as my twin's birthday. She has the same name as mine, Sharon Ann. Born on the same date. Same hospital. Same age. Hehehe!! 
tomorrow's gna sucks.
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 8:23 PM
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