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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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Hi! My first post in May ;). How fast time flies huh? One week left before summative 2! I'm so nervous right now.. There's so much for me to learn and memorize altogether at the same time. Cannot imagine how my brain will cope with that stress later on. I seriously hate History and Geography! They sucks. Even the teacher teaching us that two subject sucks. I don't even pay attention to them during lessons...so now i need to study by my own, in a week! Possible or not?! I don't think so. Because i have other subjects to focus on too. Ahhhh, I can guarantee that my Malay will 100% suck badly. Urgh, Malay language sucks! Why do we need to learn Malay?! It's not even necessary, okay, maybe is, in Malaysia. But it's useless in other country right?? I prefer English more. Malay language sucks. Even the country itself sucks too. Now i'm only worried for my Malay, Science, History, and Geography. Other subjects I think i will be able to handle them... Ahhh do i still need to maintain my top 1 ranking?? So much burdens on my shoulder now... lol. But getting top 1 is what I want...not only on Summative 1.. but summative 2, and the other coming summatives.. Hope i can do well in my exam this summative! 

This month there's very less activities in Red Crescent.. Awww, who believe i actually miss foot drill already?? I dislike first-aid for no reason. Maybe it's hard for me, that's why i dislike. But anyway, hope i can improve my skills in first-aid =D. 
My life has been a mess. woo. friendships, anything else. why oh why? can anyone tell me why?

Uh. And for some reasons i really hate my Sivik teacher. Why give us so many exercises when the exam is near? F-you picky bitch. Do things for you already still complain here and there. Use your brain to think lah, not scold us all the time. Stupid lame teacher. Really unfortunate to have you as our Sivik teacher! 
Damn it. Homeworks are pilling up... now it's like mount Everest already. Shitttt. How am i gonna finish all of them this weekend?? ISH. Things is really not on my side. FML! What to say Chan Mae is not in Miri, my class is also being a bitch with me. Fineee, do all you want, don't kill me when something happened to you guys, OKAY? I swear i'm not gonna give so much fuck about you all anymore. Stupid dumb 1Achiever. Name only 1A, the students? like shit. not even 1A standard. ALL I CAN SAY NOW IS, i'm really ashamed to be a part of this class. No respect, no manners at all. Anyone ever see this type of A class before? Even the teachers say this year's form 1 are the worst batch ever. No intention to improve teacher's impression on us issit? Why want to let people see us as low standard A class ?? i'm so speechless. I need my 15 students class back. 30 students is too much to handle. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011 @ 11:42 AM
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