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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ Birthday~ ♕

I'm doing a double post tonight...and this post is about Jordan's 15th birthday on 19th December! *A late post, hehe all thanks to my laziness that can't be cured! 

It was Jordan's birthday and you know what i got him...? Teehee, it's a secret! x)

The foods! Cooked by his mummy, tastes delicious but I didn't eat alot i also don't know why haha! <:

What's this called again?..oh yeah, mussels. I don't know how to eat mussel but still I ate one..or two.  The taste is like clam so i don't like, cause i dislike clams -,- clams tastes weird and disgusting in my opinion :/  

Eggs! Everybody needs to eat two but i only ate once, kekeke *troll face.jpg

His friends taking food..(?) Those pictures weren't taken by me by the way, it was taken by Natalie ;D

Ah Mel acting cool eheehehe :P 

Jordan's birthday cake! ;D 2 pound -,-

Happy birthday to you~~ he didn't make a wish >:(

Ignore my stupid face please <: Put a lot of cream on his face since he wants his face to be smooth like an egg.. :P

Then everyone started to drink...because Jordan's mummy asked to. They had a 'battle' and Ling was drunk, but he keeps denying it! After that they danced. Jordan WHY YOU NO DANCE? I recorded the dances but i'm lazy to upload it heheeee. I drank a few and i was drunk after that -,- so Jordan forced me to take a rest which i don't want but he insisted so i had no choice but to listen to what he said because if I don't listen to him, he's going to complain to his mother and his mother will ask me to rest D: . I was sad cause i missed the fun, sobs. Jordan said my forehead was hot, tested my temperature and it was 39 degree. I can't even feel the heat.....lol.

After cleaning and all those, (i didn't clean because i was 'busy' resting bahaha :p) we went to Despida Zorro

Jordan and his friends played pool. And i was...doing nothing. No, i was taking photos. 

They sang two songs.. Tong Hua by Calvin and Tung Kui.. xD

Me and birthday boy? :P

Ling and Calvin! This picture never fail to make me laugh i also don't know why..maybe it has those gay-ish kind of look? :O 

Kiss kiss! :P

Them again... i have no idea why i had so many picture of them that night. :|

haha, noob face come ler! :P Ah Mel & i~~

After Despida Zorro, we went to Merdeka Mall to catch a 11.30pm movie! The movie name is 'Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol'. The movie, hmm, not bad lah, but quite 'ho lan' for me, cause it lasted for 2hours plus and it ended just by pressing a 'button' to accomplish his mission haha. But it's still the middle part that makes it interesting x).

9 tickets.. so..it's RM81.


Was waiting for the rest to arrive before the movie start! 

While watching halfway, there's this funny part that all of us kept laughing non stop and apparently the cinema hall was flooded with our laughters. I guess others were annoyed because we kept on laughing continuously haha. Okay, we were laughing because Tung Kui said he wanted to pee but he didn't know where the toilet was and he was holding on for very long. I guess it was something like that, I don't really remember haha. We stopped laughing for a while, then when Tung Kui came back from the toilet we started to laugh again. xD

Then after the movie ended, we waited for Jordan's mother to fetch us back with a KELISSA!! 8 people in a Kelissa, awesome or what. Haha.

While waiting the boys did a very stupid thing.....which is, they imitated Mr Bean, the car park scene
Very stupid and funny, but the security guard spoiled it all. Kekeke.

Soon doing i don't know what. 

 8 people in a Kelissa! Me, Natalie, Calvin, Ling, Tung Kui, Soon, Jordan and his mummy! Luckily i was sitting in the front seat with Natalie or else i'd die at the back, heee.

That's all for Jordan's birthday!! Back to Jordan's house & it was already 2am i think(?).
Hehe done Mr Jordan, your requested post. :P

Bye~ ^^

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