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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ 1.12.11 ♕

Hey hey. It's the first day of December. I'm posting this on 11.59pm. So, it's the 3rd week of school holiday, I think? This year my holiday isn't about watching dramas and variety shows at home, thanks God. I'm out almost every day...and go back home really late at night. HAHA. Tired, but better than i rot at home. Something happened and i believe it's going to change my school life next year. I can see that i won't be lonely but there definitely will be times that i am lonely. Especially in the class, yes? Next year, i must pay full attention in the class. I must stop the habit of sleeping infront of my teachers. I hope i will be able to do that. Hmm..hopefully i will be able to find a real and outgoing friend next year..I don't think I will but i believe God has plans for me. (: 


Yesterday, which is 30/11/11, I wasn't at home for the whole freaking day! I miss my home.

Was at J's house and played games and also with his cousin(?), Ah Mel. He's sooooo adorable. 

He look like a girl!! kekeke

Around 10pm, his mummy drove us(me,Jordan & his sister, Natalie) out for 'dinner'. Yeah..dinner at 10pm. We were supposed to eat at McDonald Drive Thru which just opened at the petrol station near HQ there..but it was full so we went to the one at Permyjaya instead. Then suddenly there's a change of plan so we ended up eating at Pizza Hut(the one at Permyjaya). HAHA. When we reached there it was already 10.30pm and Pizza Hut closes at 11pm.. 

Let the pictures do the talking! *lazy to type*

Ah Mel.. 

Aunt and Ah Mel 

Natalie & Aunt ♥ (this picture was captured by someone ekekekkee)

Me & Jordan.. keke look at his finger nails! GAY! 

He acting cool.....:P

Didn't get to taste this spaghetti. I was so full D; forced to eat chicken wings and pizzas TT

Spicyyyyy but delicious. 

I find this picture so cute. Don't ask me why......

Ah Mel eating his garlic bread~ 

Pizzaaa! Full of cheese. Cheese here, cheese there, everywhere. Jordan is a scary cheese fan! He added alot of cheese on his pizza. Crazy. Even though I love cheese too at least i'm not scary like him! :P

Then went back home...overnight at his house..it was unexpected. Didn't plan to sleep over but....nvm. Slept in the same room with Natalie. Not used to the environment :/. 

We played SDO and Audi in the midnight then watched Khuntoria and went to sleep at 4am. Tired!


I woke up at 8am and my eyes were wide open. Took a bath and continued sleeping until 12pm. Jordan is a pig...woke later than me. PIG PIG PIG! ^(@@)^

Then we went to Parkson around 2.30pm. Had lunch at Marrybrown. Went to buy Christmas hats and a bracelet that has lights for Christmas Parade this Saturday. 

He is so daring to go out with nail polish on ,_, *face palm*

Hehe, sorry nat. Told me to delete it but i didn't. And it looked cute.....so why not post it here. :P

The bracelet which is too big for me. /sad/

Went home at 5pm. Finally, home sweet home. Took a shower and had dinner then went to Merdeka Mall to catch a movie with my second sister. We watched 'Petaling Street Warriors' and it's super funny!

Highly recommended for those who understand Chinese! 5/5 for it. Won't regret watching this movie, it's full of epic-ness. Laugh until you cry. :B

Reached home at 10pm and now i'm here updating my blog. :)

Bye!! Peace ^^v.

Thursday, December 1, 2011 @ 11:59 PM
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