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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

→ Happiness ♕

Yesterday, spent my whole day at J's house! Had so much fun with him and his family! His family really gave me the 'happy family' kind of feel...hehe. They're all funny and nice! They joke and talk on the dining table...unlike my family. I guess my family is always serious.....hmmm..not really, but sure, they are serious.  Anyway, i still love my family!! Hahah they're all awesome people...but sometimes they aren't. ;P I guess my favourite time at his house is always during dinner time..where everyone gather and eat together on the dining table. Reallly, really happy. ^^

So last night....around 10pm... J cooked lamb chop for me.. very not nice to eat one...

Ada style punya bo...shy what shy?

Almost done!!

Looks yummy..but the taste isn't.

After adding the sauce.. hmmm i'm already hungry just by looking at the picture although I just had Mee Kolok.. He super nice!! He went out to eat with his family and i said i want too, so he sent the mee kolok to my house. AT 12AM. hahaha. <3

After finishing it! Hehe. Boo! I lied. It wasn't 'not tasty'. It was sooo superrrr duper tasty and delicious to the  max! :D I just said it wasnt tasty so that nobody would ask him to cook for you guys../selfish

Onion! I hate onion. I finished every vegetables on the plate except onion. The spiciness will always stay in your mouth after you ate it...duh pain memory from my sandwich competition. TOO MUCH ONION ADDED. haha but it tasted great for me. I pity the judges. Nevermind though, the judges were so bitchy and racist so let them feel the spiciness..keke.

After that, he made lime juice for me. Haaahahaa i missed it sooooo much. ^^ Remember the first time i drank the lime juice he made was on the first day of Korea-Malaysia concert~

At the end of the day, I gotta say thank you & your family so much for the awesome day^^. Hehe.

Spent my afternoon doing absolutely nothing. Then went to Parkson at night. Walked around with my sister and walked to his house after that. :$ 

ME!! Forever wearing his shirt.....muahahaaaaa! 

My dinner was McFlurry Oreo...:|

Then I had Mango pudding!! The penguin above looks so cute right???? It'd be cuter if they put panda though....:$

my wide smile! i know i have ugly teeth~ the bottom part is straight but the upper part isn't...there's two 'vampire' teeth -.- so if you observe the picture clearly there's two hole there.. -.-


We were bored...^^ taken by his sister, Natalie :). We were so crazzzzzy!

Heh.. again, thanks for the awesome night^^

Bye!!!! haha..sorry its a messy post....

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011 @ 12:44 AM
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