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14 on 15/6. I'm a Malaysian living in a small town called Miri. I don't update this blog anymore, but i left it there anyhow as memories. Here's my new blog! Follow my twitter & tumblr !

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I haven't been updating my blog for quite a while. So tonight i'm here to clear some dust. xx
Year end school holidays has finally started. I realized that the last few days of school weren't spent nicely. However, on that few days, i was really happy and had a lot of funs. There were quite a few bad stuffs that happened and I don't even know why. I guess people nowadays aren't understanding anymore? ;=;

Let the pictures do the talking!
P/S;; these pictures are taken last two weeks. :)
-social life

Last few days at school...

sumo. Alicia, remember this?

gonna miss it~

our own little concert~ haha

I have no idea who was this~

can't believe i'm already form 2 next year.


Michelle :>

Pek! :D

Look so 3D right? Taken from a book in the school library :D

Nice face. Looks like my 'million dollar epic face'. :>


yeah teacher! rock it on~

Gonna miss my beloved 1Achiever, though there were times that i hate this class.

Not written by me. I guess Pek wrote the names if not mistaken. I made the heart, btw.

spoiler at the back.

there's always a spoiler in every picture i took of her! 

Love this picture. Do you? *this post is so unorganized.....sighs. some pictures from above are pictures after this picture was taken. x.x*

Writing messages for seniors? 

surely gonna miss eating mee cup in the class when there's no teacher! <:

the old timetable. <:

Hui Ting & Michelle. :>

The gays. Mark & Jonas.

Jonas's hand....oh uhhhhhh.


 Someone's awesome result. HAHA.

Gonna miss my table.

IU & Suzy's picture on my table <;

Oh yeah.....a message for Alicia.

A memorable day. Last day of school, went out with J, watched The Cat : Two Eyes That See Death. Went to J's house after that, and his mother drove us(together with his sister) to Imperial Mall to see the 'Modern Dance Competition' organized by our school. After that, went to Harz Chicken Buffet with Tung Kui and J! :> the kick lai liao ar! xD

Breakfastttttt! :> Made by J's mummy^^

Tung kui. 

ME! haha. finally a picture of me?

Reached home around 10pm. Hehe. Awesome 11/11/11. But that morning sucked. I got scolded for something I didn't join. I'm so sorry. I apologize for not being the person who you want me to be. No matter how good am i, i will always be the second option for you. I am nothing to be compared to her. I hope you understand that i have my own reasons for not taking part. I'm not showing my attidude. You don't have to scold me. You should respect my decision, yes? If you want the form 1s to be active, let me tell you what, i'm not the only form 1 alive. I'm active, aren't i? Why aim me? There's so many people out there. I just don't get it why. I'm sorry if i let you down. I never changed. I just got tired of living my life that way. Pleasing people around me. That's just so sick. Even though there's something new in my life, i know what am i doing and i won't neglect my studies. 


Twist potatoes! <3

Had Marry Brown for second round dinner last night, yum yum.

Mambo friessss!

My little cousin transformed into handsome boy already. (on the left one). And he can speak so fluently now. hehehe.

Korean peace! :p

Sorry.. this post is so unorganized. -_-
sorrrrrrrry T^T the pictures are in a mess. wtf.
So, say bye-bye to 2011 school session. Say bye-bye to the Form 5s seniors. Say bye-bye to everything.
Good luck SPM candidates ^^.

Freedom! :)
Monday, November 14, 2011 @ 8:57 PM
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